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Corporate Fascist Multi national’s the only choice Corporate media is your voice Telling you the thoughts you have Selling you the latest fads Well they’re selling you down the river They’ve got no goods to deliver To the rich man who comes first The profit margin before the earth Say hello to cooperate gods Here's a few short term jobs Say goodbye to your culture Company feeds like a vulture No more homeless on the streets Been cleaned up by the beat Backhand deals to expand Tearing down homes, destroying land Chorus Corporate fascist coming for you What are we prepared to do? Smile, obey and consume Corporate fascist coming for you Multi nationals the only choice Sky media here's your voice Making sure you don't think About a world on destructions brink Genetic altering of your mind Eyes to see yet fucking blind Corporate destruction sanitised Eat, drink and shit their lies
iInnocence Denied There’s facts to distort Information to burn A secret to keep No remorse and no concern There’s an inquiry to have But no questions to be asked A palm to be greased A buck ready to be passed Chorus Yet evil still stalks every corridor of power With no guilt, no shame for those they devour The men of cloth, men of suits, men of wigs Defending their own in the playground of the rich There’s innocence taken That must be swept aside Divert the baying masses By putting the 70’s inside There's lies to be made up Smoke screens to be built Diversions to enforce To point away from the guilt The rich and the powerful protecting their own The BBC and the media protecting their past Burying their secrets destroying the truth Silencing the victims, innocence dened
Without Mercy The greatest lie ever told Religion the evil in this world Unlimited riches, influence and power Growing in strength, the world they'll devour Inquisition at your door Brainwashing you like you’re prisoner of war Blasphemy and lighting will strike They’ll Hunt you down, put you your head on a spike Chorus Oppression - Superstition Division - Control Illusion - Delusion Retribution - And war Living life by an ancient book Made to control to have you hooked I don't believe in your religion A kingdom of heaven or what was written You justify on blind faith Dying for your god, a fucking waste I see a coincidence, you see a sign Brainwashed to kill for the holy divine
Weapons Of Mass Deception Turn on the TV and out it trots High definition pure brain rot A diluted diet of stale non truths Masquerading as reality’s news Flip the page and they’re in sight Today’s scapegoats in black and white Framed and aimed at our hearts and minds There’s so many doors our enemy’s behind There they glow in neon lights And in mags that tell us what we like Distorted images and corporation views Trust me, believe, kill and consume Reality is fiction a glorified depiction TV dinner another bowl of deception A diet of lies to keep stars in our eyes Dumb down, dilute, desensitise Chorus This looks familiar, I’ve seen this before It’s just another brick to build up the wall Just another trick and they hope we’ll fall For their weapons of mass deception Media lies are fuelling unrest Brainwashing people, controlling their mind Standing by the rich elite, they are their friends Putting those down who refuse to abide Spreading fake news to get what they want Supporting foreign wars on people who aren’t white If you’re not one of them you will be silenced They’re pulling the strings, inciting the far right
Why? 03:19
Why? Trying to keep down, out of sight White coat comes, gives them a fright Grabbed by force, the little one goes Which ones next? Nobody knows Held down tight, sharp object comes You run outta time, nowhere to run Close your eyes, the pains on its way Stop hurting me, I'm too afraid Chorus Why do you hurt me? It’s wrong! Why do you abuse me? It’s wrong! Why do you eat me? It’s wrong! Why? Born in the wild, born to be free The hounds are coming, get up and flee Chased in the woods, straight to ground Protect the young from the hounds Heart beating fast, full of fear One cub caught, she sheds a tear Run real quick, escape with your life She stays to defend, none survive Arrive at the shed, hear the screams Smell the blood, smell their fears Pushed in line, what’s happening now? Fist hits her head, she can't hear a sound Kicked a few times, please leave me alone She starts to fall, she starts to groan Bolt gun comes, bolt in her head She's still alive, bled till she's dead
Sea Shepherd 03:18
Sea Shepherd Closing in on the whales the harpoons in sight Smiles upon their faces, their excitement to ignite Their bloody kill will be their full hearts desire Finger on the trigger getting ready to fire Ready to fire... Harpoon shoots to kill from the loaded gun Blood spores flies high into the setting sun Screams are heard out loud for miles around The cry of a whale, sadness, a deathly sound Chorus Sea Shepherd, here comes the... Put down your knives... You better hide.... Coming for you! If this is custom then fuck your tradition Sentient beings chased and blown up with ammunition Trapped and caught in the cove screaming for dear life The others look on thrashing around to escape the knife A call for direct action, crashing through the waves Ocean conservation, Sea Shepherd saves Cashing in on whale meat full of mercury Protection of marine life comes before your greed
It’s Not Anti-Semitic To Hate Fascists (Arabic spoken word intro) In the 70 years since the creation of israel, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed by israeli forces and illegal settlers. This is ethnic cleansing. This is genocide. Using rocks and stones to defend their homes From the invading hands of those that steal their land Memories of a past life getting bulldozed aside 1947 drawn in blood of those who died Segregating lives with a wall of apartheid Psychological warfare designed to demoralise Three hours of electricity is all that's allowed And nothing gets in, no one gets out Chorus They’re killing with impunity Stealing kids from families The silence from the world Just lets tyranny unfurl… …it’s not anti-Semitic to hate fascists The IDF are killing, taking lives for fun A racist ideology backed by the end of a gun They’ll keep on destroying whilst the world looks away Palestine is being crushed by the blue beret Children woken by strangers armed with guns Their fathers killed before them, defenceless blood runs Injured teenage bodies with knives planted at their side False justification for a bullet between the eyes 50 years of occupation 10 years under siege Warfare against a generation Violence spread by thieves
Price Of Silence Police State again and again Why let them fuck your brain? Why take so much shit Prying eyes of the FIT Liberties curtailed far too long Gotta stand up stand up strong Democratic rights so you thought Can't speak out against the law Designated area to protest Prison for demo what is next ? Thought you had rights you got none Might as well cut out your tongue Chorus Price of silence Believe in their lies Take their violence Price of silence Micro-chipped when you're born Bar-Coded but what for? Total control of all that lives This is the price of their lies Take a stand and fight back Human rights are under attack Shit in blue is on your back Your so called rights are under attack Don't play their childish games If you do it’s you I blame State the case you're backing out Our freedom is never in doubt
Set The World Alight? When I open my eyes all I see is hate I got to do something before it’s too late All the fighting and the greed But I don’t know what it needs I dream of a world of understanding But all the violence is forever expanding How can we change for future generations? We’ve got to destroy the years of frustration Chorus I can’t take anymore of this world I wanna see change but I can’t see the light Do I stand here and watch or do I fight? Or do I just set the whole world alight? Selfish lives, one track mind With all I see I wish I was blind How many lives will be lost? How many lives will be forgot? I see red they see gold I’m short tempered, so I been told I can’t ignore what’s all around me I can’t ignore what you fail to see Where is my place in this life? Do I use words or a knife? Who are the enemies, state or greed? I wanna destroy and watch them bleed Words aren’t enough for what I’m feeling Talk is cheap and unappealing Apathetic world turning a blind eye Show them evidence and they’ll deny Apologies given, guilt admission Contradiction and violations Mass exclusion, imprecision Coalition, inquisition Abolition, opposition Demolition, ammunition Patricians, acquisition Politicians, forced division
My Foot in Your Mouth Another farmer on TV crying about this disease A disease that destroys millions Millions of pounds I hope it's billions Tony Blair defends this slaughter Fucking prick you're out of order When are you going to learn your lesson Can’t mass produce for financial progression You inbred selfish murdering scum ALF will have you on the run You infected your animals for compensation What you deserve is total devastation Chorus My foot in your mouth I wanna hear you yell Fucking scum I hope you burn In mother fucking hell Meat is murder and that's a fact Won’t give up until we drive you back This disease won't be the last When one gets you I'll be laughing out my arse I hope you change I hope you see Next time you eat meat could be CJD The time has come to rise up Stop the meat industry time to disrupt These animals deserve liberation And the murderers deserve assassination Support direct action it's the only way If you don't do that the murderers will stay Years gone since the disease Meat and dairy is on its knees The fight is on, the fight is now For those who stood up take a bow Barry Horne lying in his grave For animal liberation his life he gave
Sadistic Scientist I’m in my cage I’m left for dead I feel your poisons running through my head I’m never free I’ve never seen the sky Another reason, another reason to die Please tell me why You break my bones and you burn my skin What is this reason, will I ever win? Now death is freedom death is release For fuck sake give me some sort of fucking peace Some sort of release Chorus Sadistic, sadistic, sadistic scientist Bastard! Freedom fighters are locked away It’s only money as they say Locked in prison Locked in a cell Stand up fight and rebel Fight and rebel


released April 6, 2019



all rights reserved



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